A Broad... Vacationing (8/3/05)

Dear Zelda

My boyfriend and I have a lot in common but are polar opposites when it comes to traveling. I like to relax, sit by a pool or lay on the beach, enjoy a margarita or two and chill. He always wants to go go go and visit every tourist attraction. When the vacation is over, I need a vacation from our vacation. What can I do?

Travelin' a Go Go

Dear Travelin' a Go Go,

For starters, trade in the go-go boots for a good pair of no-no boots. Put your foot down and let him know that you’re on vacation too. Polar opposites are okay, but from the sound of it, you two are practically bi-polar opposites! How does it happen that months in advance you plan the same trip, take the same time off, and yet once you get there your ideas of relaxation leave you both "sole" survivors. Sorry girlfriend, if you two are going on vacation together, you're going to have to try on a pair of sensible sneakers (I know...not nearly as stylish as an "all about me” pair of sling-back heels, but at least those toes know what they’re slipping into before they leave).

Next time you're planning to travel together, set the style before you go. You need rest - he needs the sites (if you can, figure these times out in advance so you can eliminate the ol’ vacation tug-of-war). Try on a compromise that fits both your needs. Go on his hike (burns calories for an extra margarita), marvel at the patina on a few old statues (could inspire a paint color for your guest room), and snorkel with a sea lion (you’re on your own there). In return, he gives you the "ME" space to lounge by the pool in a teeny bikini, fruity beverage in tow, leaving you with a "pretty pedi," free of those cumbersome, guilt-laced, out-of-style go-go boots.

Are you ready boots? Start walkin'.


Dear Zelda

I have a travel dilemma! I am about to fly off for a fabulous vacation to Tobago and can't figure out what to pack! I am the queen of overpacking and always regret it when I am lugging my oversized bag through the airport. Can you give me some tips on how to whittle it down without sacrificing fashion?

The Bag Lady

Dear Bag Lady,

For starters, any true "Fashionista" knows that if you're going to call yourself a bag lady...at least make it a designer bag!

Your dilemma is one shared by many. We all forget the meaning of vacation: a period of time devoted to pleasure, rest, or relaxation...especially from work. So how is it that through the years and years of doing this, we've turned planning for our vacations into another... vocation? Which thong goes with which SPF? I know I'm only going to be gone for the week but, 25 shirts divided by 7 days equals 3.57 per day. For crying out loud, I'm going to need two 15-minute breaks and a 30-minute lunch just to finish this. Puh-leeze.

Become the boss of your wardrobe and lay the ground work for vacations to come. Remembering a few of the simple rules of fashion will help send "packing anxiety"...packing.  Get familiar with the basics: Make white, black, and tan your new best friends. You can mix them with anything as well as each other. Heck, they'll even go with the shirt you "had to buy" (but will regret later) after sipping mimosas while frolicking in the sea foam. Make absolutely sure to limit yourself to an outfit per day with an evening edit of either top or bottom and Voila! Over packing becomes "perfect packing." Remember, you are there to relax, rejoice, and unwind...spending 5 hours in hair and make-up so you can catwalk down the rustic streets of Tobago is a waste of good sunning, shopping, and sipping hours. Save the Louis Vuitton steamer trunks for your shopping spree down 5th Ave. And just remember, the less you bring, the more you can buy!

Congrats! You just got your official “over-packing pink slip.”

Be sure to Tango for me in Tobago!


Dear Zelda

My family, (which includes our pet Chihuahua "Frito"), is planning our yearly vacation to our favorite camp spot in Yosemite. Although, it isn't terribly hot, we still worry about Frito not being able to stay cool enough during the peak hot hours of the day while we are out hiking. Any suggestions for keeping him cool would be helpful.

Frito Family

Dear Frito Family,

I see it’s time for a little wisdom from the "Taco Bull." The fact that your little bandito is so pequeño [small] is a saving grace. Finding shade for him during the hot afternoons should be a piece of cake (which sounds pretty good right now…). You do, however, need to be careful of leaving him for any length of time where his shade could shift, giving him no way to find a cool spot. If your budget permits, you might splurge and get Frito one of those cute makeshift haciendas that will give him the shade he needs, but still lets the breeze blow through to cool him down.

As with all living things, water is numero uno on the list. It's always a good idea to double up on the agua bowls, as there’s a good chance one will get knocked over while searching for that shady spot to catnap for awhile (even I have been known to perform this incred-i-bull act of genius). And, when poor Frito finds the heat unbear-a-bull and his tongue starts draggin', spray him off with a cold spritzer (hold the lemon), or dip a tiny t-shirt or petite poncho in some cold agua and in no time Frito will be doing the samba around the camp site, lookin' hot but feeling cool. Consider it a one-dog wet T-shirt contest!

And lastly…PLEASE OBEY THIS CONCRETE RULE : In hot weather NEVER leave your dog alone in the car, even in the shade. You wouldn't want your sweet and cuddly Chihuahua to end up a "crispy-fried chimichanga."

Hasta luego amigos!