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Happy Hips jerky treats Dogswell
3 Sizes available:  6 oz  $8.99, 16 oz $19.99, 32oz $37.98

Z hips don’t lie!  I’ve got to take care of that swing on my back porch.  Happy Hips gives me that treat I so richly deserve and the glucosamine & chondroitin I need for my hips and joints.  As a healthy alternative to      rawhide, these long lasting chews are low in fat, calories, and sodium…YUM!

Big Kahuna Dog Toy bamboo

My handsome Hawaiian honey is a real toughie.  This toy’s heavy duty construction can withstand the most rigorous play, and I love the fun tropical print.  Makes me want to break out my pink bikini and wag my wiggle!  There is a huge collection of “Battle-tested” toys by Combat.

Spray-n-Play Cleansing Spritz
Kiehl’s Cuddly-Coat Canine Grooming Products
8oz $12.00.

Muddy paws in the house can quickly spoil my chances for love & belly rubs.  The waterless Spray-N-Play is a perfect quick & easy solution!  The mild Chamomile formula is a great paw spritzer, and spot cleaner for in- between grooming sessions.  It leaves my coat clean and shiny making me completely irresist-i-bull. Available at Nordstrom and Kiehl’s

The Movie for Dogs
DVD $9.95

No more lonely dogs!  Winner of this year’s Canine’s Film Festival, The Movie for Dogs is a DVD specifically designed to satisfy our social needs with captivating action and sounds.  It plays continuously, so I can watch the other dogs play in the water, bark at the dog park, and other fun dog activities.  

Bunkhouse Bed
Large $165.00

I love this Earth Friendly designer bed.  It is filled with a soft, ultra-comfy material which is made from post-consumer plastic soda bottles.  The manufacturer diverts over 25 tons of plastic bottles from landfills every year to make high-performance pet products.  I snooze soundly knowing I’m doing my part to keep it green.  Machine washable.  Made in the USA.

Furcedes Bed
Small: 32”L x 18”W (outside measurement) $279.00
Large: 37”L x 21”W (outside measurement) $379.00

Caution!  Your dog will be sleeping at the wheel in this plush ride. The sleek roadster is available in two sizes, has a machine washable cover, and is embroidered with a “Furcedes” logo & “LA Dog” license plate. Stylin’!

Plush Gorilla

I go bananas for this lovable ape!   He’s a toughie… made of premium quality fleece and is available in 2 sizes, 6” and 8”.  I like to chew on the loops and flip this knuckle-dragger over my head.  The larger size squeaks and best of all, makes a gorilla call!  I have to remind him that I am Lord of Z-Jungle.

Crystal Biker Jacket
Hands N Paws

I like to say, “Grab life by the throttle and don’t look back.”  Here’s a black biker jacket for all us bad boys and girls… sizes XS-XXL all priced at $35.00 K-9 Cool!

Ostrich Liver Treats 
Barking Mad
Gift tin $11.99

If you put your head in the sand you’ll leave your tail feathers in the air!  Unless your backside is your best side, don’t forget that we dogs like variety just as much as you do.  I love these ostrich liver treats from Barking Mad.  Using all natural, human grade meats, you’ll feel good about giving your dog the very best.  These liver delights are also available in buffalo, turkey, and beef.  They are packaged in a handsome gift tin just in time for holiday gift giving.


Dogs Uncorked
4oz tin $6.99

This is no fish tale!  Lavish your fine, furry friend with these peanut butter and molasses tidbits.  The gourmet tin and peanut buttery taste satisfy my inner diva.  

Pate de Paw Gras
4oz tin for $7.50

Also try the ultimate delicacy, Pate de Paw Gras.  These beef liver dog treats are available in this striking 4 oz tin for $7.50.

Wool and Kashmir
Signature Sweater

Feel like a celebrity!  Create your own custom hand-knit sweater.  I love the comfortable yet elegant design of my super-soft sweater.   Created in suri alpaca blended with merino wool and knit in a 2x 1 rib.  It’s available in a portrait neckline or a funnel neckline, with beautiful colors to choose from. 
Custom pricing varies. My owner has a Wool and Kashmir sweater to match mine… we’re quite the pair struttin’ our stuff on the street!

Aqua-Fur Bowl 

Perfect for a busy dog on the go!
This clever little bowl is made of sturdy silicone and holds 8 ounces of food or water.  The best part is that it folds like an origami for maximum portability.  Sorry to eat and run!  Available in four bright colors, this bowl is dishwasher safe. 

Puppy-licious Dog Art
Created by Iain Michael
From $250.00

I’ve often been referred to as “eye candy”, but this talented painter creates “wall candy”, original paintings inspired by your pet!  Just send a photo that shows your pet’s personality, select a background color, and Michael will put your pup on canvas!  His gallery displays dozens of dog breeds loaded with charm.  This custom work is available in 7 sizes to meet your specifications.  Original artwork, loaded with personality, reasonably priced from $250.00

Pets Best Insurance

You better believe I’m insured and your dogs should ALL have insurance.  After all, none of us want to be “put down” because our owners don’t have any help to pay the veterinary bills. Pets Best Insurance pays the highest benefits in the industry.  Some bills can run into the thousands and PBI turns claims around quickly.  The good news for ole gals like me is that PBI is one of the only pet insurance companies that accepts older pets and they won’t cancel our coverage as we age!  This is the best gift you can give your pets this holiday season. Check out the Pets Best Insurance site:

Grumpy Gloria by Anna Dewdney

This children's book about a bulldog, Gloria, who loses her best friend, is not only sweet and funny, but it will make you laugh.  Grumpy Gloria is certain to charm children and dog-lovers alike.  Personally, Grumpy Gloria brought out the silly Bah-Humbug in me and at the same time made me value my friends and look forward to sharing this delightful book with them.

From $1.79-$2.99.

I'd be remiss if I didn't add my new Holiday/Christmas/New Years cards to this year's Z-List.  These cards are better than sliced bread and they're neither illegal, immoral or fattening.  Your friends won't believe the great quality of the paper and how nice it is to receive a personalized card from you this season. There is a card for everyone... you choose. If "Mrs. Claws goes through menopause' is perfect for Aunt Sally, so be it.  Or if "Sugar and Spice" reminds you of your old girlfriend, or "JOY...Do I look like a people person?" looks like Uncle Charlie, just click and send.

Most of all, have fun checking out my new cards and the easy way to order and have us mail them for you. You can even select your stamp and the delivery date.

Due to the high volume of questions Zelda cannot offer individual responses.

Check in with us every Wednesday to see if your question was answered. If you don’t see it... don’t get discouraged. There’s a chance it could end up on another week's column!

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